SBM is a mining machinery manufacturer in China. Products include stone crushers like jaw crushers, cone crushers and mobile crushers as well as grinding mills like Raymond mills. It has more than 30 years' history, and the business scope mainly contains aggregates, mining, grinding and building waste & mineral tailing recycling.

SBM has built 6 factories, covering 1,200,000m2 in total. Of them, the No.5 factory in Shanghai, China (280,000m2) is the largest in Asia. SBM also builds a strong R&D team, including 3 subsidized engineers of the State Council and 5 professor-level engineers, 100 senior and middle-level engineers. Thus, SBM’s crushers and grinding mills are totally convincing with respect to quality and technology.

Now, the marketing network of SBM has covered more than 170 countries and regions over the world, and SBM crushers &grinding mills are being used by more than 8000 companies.


Founded in 1987, SBM has been steadily in the field of mining machinery for 32 years. It has gradually formed a complete system of research and development, production, sales and service, and has become the leader of China's mining machinery manufacturing industry, competing with well-known international enterprises in the world market.

SBM can achieve 4 billion RMB per year in the production base in Lingang New City of Shanghai alone. This single plant is enough to influence the pattern of mining machinery production and manufacturing in the whole Asia region and even in the world.

SBM's marketing network has now covered more than 170 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania, and has established overseas offices in more than 20 countries.

SBM has eight digitized production bases in China, with a total production area of 1.2 million square meters. Among them, the production base of Shanghai Lingang New City alone covers an area of 280,000 square meters. It witnesses the advanced R&D strength, innovation ability and creativity of China's mining machinery, and is an internationalized base and R&D center characterized by high degree of automation, digitization and low energy consumption.


No.1 Production Base

No.1 production base covers an area of 137,000m2 This factory mainly produces environmental protection equipment, large-scale crushing and sand-making equipment, precise micro-powder equipment and other high-tech products with internationally leading levels.

No.2 Production Base

No.2 production base occupies 67,000m2. It is an assembly & display base for high-end equipment, which integrates research, production and management. Apart from the display for a series of high-grade products, this base will also show customers our elaborate assembly work.

No.3 Production Base

No.3 production base occupies 80,000m2. The workshop there has been up to international advanced machining technology standards, where high-end production equipment, production capacity, technological level and equipment power have taken the lead in the industry.

No.4 Production base

No.4 production base occupies 60,000m2. It is one of China's most important production bases for large and medium-sized crushing & grinding equipment. The workshop there mainly produces crushing& sand-making equipment, refined powder equipment and relevant auxiliary equipment.

No.5 Production base

No.5 production base covers an area of 280,000m2 and costs 1.57 billion RMB in total. This base represents the most advanced research power and innovation & creation ability of China's high-end mill equipment and has become an international production base and research center, integrating automation, digitization and low energy consumption.

No.6 Production base

No.6 production base covers 535,000m2 in total. This base is devoted to research & production of intelligent and eco-friendly mining machines such as crushers & grinding mills and to providing professional technical solutions as well as complete sets of minerals & stones processing equipment for key infrastructure construction across countries, including mines, architecture and energy.

Service Commitment





Service Scope

Free Site Survey

According to the actual situation and needs of customers, we can provide free engineer service to help customers conduct more accurate on-site survey and engineering design guidance.

Material Testing

We can provide professional material properties testing experiments.

Market Analysis

For some new investors, we can provide accurate industry-related data analysis to help them accurately position the market and ensure investment profits.

Project Design

We will help customers to design the production line according to the customer's needs and budget, so as to ensure economic benefits.

Analysis of Return on Investment

At the same time, we can help customers to do project design and market analysis, and we can also assist customers to conduct all-round investment operations and fixed assets data analysis according to their requirements.

Delivery Inspection & Test-run

As a high-tech enterprise integrating production and sales, we provide a complete set of project design, as well as a complete set of products with its backup, delivery, installation, test-run and other services.

Site Planning

If customers do not have a clear site selection plan, we can arrange engineers to plan and design mining area layout and production line site.

Guidance for Foundation Construction

After customers choose our products, we will closely integrate the specific configuration and site survey to help customers to carry out related foundation construction.

Instruction for Equipment Installation

SBM is responsible for its own products and design principles, providing a complete set of production line installation, commissioning and other work.

Production Line Management Training

After the installation and commissioning of the production line is completed, our engineers can organize and arrange training in equipment operation, whole line management and other aspects according to customer needs.

Sufficient Spare Part Supply

In addition to the original equipment, we set up a special department responsible for after-sales docking with customers to meet the spare parts needs and other needs in the process of operation.

Project Transformation

For some customers who need to upgrade their production lines and expand their scale, SBM can assist in upgrading part or whole line to meet their higher production needs.






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